Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I promised my bestie @mycornerforbooksand that I would read this series. I purchased this book from Amazon. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Ok real quick cut to the chase Bella absolutely got on my nerves in this book. While the book was packed full of action and less heartbreaking for Bella this time, she is absolutely wrong for dragging both of those boys thought this mess. The love triangle is messy. While I feel sorry for Jacob, I feel he knew from the jump she only wanted to be friends and while I feel angry at Edward for playing the mind games, I feel like maybe she deserves to hurt a little more for her part in all this mess. But looks like I’m onto Book four and Bella is preparing for a wedding. Review also posted on Instagram @borenbooks, Library Thing, Amazon, Twitter @jason_stacie, Goodreads/StacieBoren, and my blog at

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