Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young

I purchased this book from Amazon to read with #teamrbcraig and #teamrbpaige in January 2019. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young. Eelyn has fought all of her life for her clan. She has been taught to be a warrior and refuses to be anything else. But when as piece of her past finds her on the battlefield and catches her off guard she is taken from what she has always known to be the truth. It isn’t until she becomes truly afraid that she realizes she must be the one to take the risk to change the future only she isn’t so sure she has made any of the right choices lately. An edge of the chair read that will have you finishing the book before you even realize it. All the stars for my first read of the Year! Review also posted on Instagram @borenbooks, Library Thing, Go Read, Goodreads/StacieBoren, Amazon, Twitter @jason_stacie and my blog at


Prompt 5~read sky in the deep

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