My Life As An Album Series

Have you read The My Life As An Album Series yet? My Life As A Country Album and My Life As A Pop Album are both available for purchase on Amazon. Evans’ third book My Life As A Rock Album releases soon so grab your copies of these soon and get all caught up in time for her new release! I have reviews for all three books on my blog at (link in profile) so head over there and check those out! 🚨🚨🚨🚨Meanwhile, we are hosting a GIVEAWAY on Instagram head over to @borenbooks or @indie_blog_hop to enter.

While preparing for this blog tour and giveaway everyone got a chance to ask @ljevansbooks about her inspiration behind writing this series. In your book My Life As A Country Album Cam and Jake’s story is linked to Taylor Swift songs in every chapter, but were there other country songs that inspired their story as well? I am only asking because immediately into the book my first thought of Cam and Jake was Check Yes or No by George Straight or A Boy and A Girl Thing by Mo Pitney. And so if as a reader these were songs that popped into my head I thought while you were writing this book there must have been song overload for you. Her reply was amazing when she said: Thank you for the question. I love Boy & A Girl Think and Check Yes or No! They are such sweet growing up stories! Yes there were lots of other songs (country and other) that inspired the Jake and Cam’s story, some of them are because of the actual words, some are just because of that growing up together feel, and some are because of that nostalgic looking back feeling.One is referenced in the book, “Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw which of course doesn’t end up the same way, but still has that feel of growing up together and please don’t take the love of my life. But I also like “Damn You 17” and and “Good-bye Town” by Lady Antebellum which just makes you think of those early loves and how they impacted your heart in ways that still get to you today. I also love Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard for Jake and Cam because its like they’ll always be there supporting each other.

Guys this series is AMAZING! I have read all three and posted the five star reviews on my blog. Head over to Amazon grab your copies today. Here are my reviews!

I downloaded this book on my kindle because @theloudlibrarylady loved it and part of my New Years Resolution was to read more in this genre because I know it is my one weak area in reading. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My Life As A Country Album by LJ Evans. Let me start by saying I dislike romance novels so to score a 5 for me in this genre says enough. This self published book has songs tied into it that relate to the story in the book and since I am a country music fan this made me feel better. I would not have classified this as a romance book but a book of love, loss, grief and rebuilding. As twenty year story of children three years apart that have no idea how to live without one another until fate hands them no other choice. Then support, love, understanding, and a great group of friends help rebuild Cami into a person she can be happy with again. Be ready to cry on more than one occasion and for oh so many reasons!

I purchased this book on Amazon to read. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My Life As A Pop Album by L. J. Evans. After reading My Life As A Country Album, I was excited to know more! (See my previous review for details). In this book, we get to know Mia’s story of Jake and Cam and life after from her point of view. I was excited and intrigued. In the first book we only got glimpses of Mia as the little sister. Now Mia is all grown up and on her way to the biggest adventure of her life. She is going across the country spelunking with a gorgeous musician and his band. Despite the beautiful scenery she enjoys, she begins to understand life and love and happiness. She rescues a kitty, herself, and most of all Derek, (The sexy musician she refuses to fall in love with). On her journey, reality hits her hard and she runs scared but hoping for more. This book contains passionate scenes between two people that will leave you feeling in awe and satisfied with life all in one moment. It is not an over the top romance but still a romance indeed.

I received this ebook from the author to read in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My Life As A Rock Album by L. J. Evans. Oh my, Evans has done it again, sucked me into a romance story I would swear I don’t like. But after reading Cam and Jake’s story and then Mia and Derek’s I couldn’t help but want to know PJ and Seth more. Poor, poor messed up bad boy Seth that you learn to hate in book 1 comes completely undone in this one while PJ rips a hole into himself and her from page 1. Seth’s million dollar career scares PJ into believing every time he does something for her its to buy her affection. But Seth being as broken as he is doesn’t know how to use words to explain how he feels so buying her things and protecting her is his way of saying I love you. And while PJ decides she must fix herself, Seth comes completely undone. I am not completely convinced I liked the letter format in this book, but I understand why it works, so I don’t hate it either. However, no matter how this story would have been written it’s hot and steamy and heartbreaking and healing in all the right places.

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