Nirvana by K. E. Radke

@indie_blog_hop #partner time for a new release tour! Nirvana by K. E. Radke.

Synopsis from Amazon:

For centuries the world has been Mateo’s prison, holding him hostage with immortality.

Danger only entices his body to shapeshift. He fearlessly walks on the thin line between life and death, challenging his abilities to keep him alive as he stalks his own demise. Each day haunts him with memories of a past he can’t escape. Each breath holds a future where he is the only survivor. Violent weather epidemics wreck havoc in his vicinity every time hate, agony, and rage slips through the cracks of his soul. The unexplainable connection is perilous for the innocent lives surrounding him as death pursues them. He scours the world to find someone strong enough to finally put him six feet under. Will he finally take his spot in the ground? Or will he take another’s life and watch as death escapes again.

I downloaded this book from Amazon Kindle Unlimited because I had read K. E. Radke’s book Entangled Collateral. All opinions are my own. After reading her first novel I couldn’t help but want to read more of her work. Nirvana did not disappoint! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟A fantasy unlike anything else I have read. Mateo is a shapeshifter and an immortal. His only wish is to live and die like a normal. He travels the world because he can not bear to stay in one place and watch the world go by. The story travels back and forth throughout his life allowing you to become involved with characters in his world. The characters are so easy to relate too and the dialouge is captivating. A great read! Keep them coming @k.e.radke I absolutely loved this one! Review also posted on Instagram @borenbooks, Library Thing, Go Read, Goodreads/StacieBoren, Amazon, Twitter @jason_stacie and my blog at

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