Entangled Collateral by K. E. Radke

@indie_blog_hop #partner 📚 Time for another book tour with @indiebloghop. I really enjoy being part of this team. It’s so much fun finding new books to read! This book Entangled Collateral by K. E. Radke ( @k.e.radke ) is an amazing read. A mystery/thriller available for purchase now on Amazon. And oooooh this cover is gorgeous! The entire book takes place really close to home for me since I live about 60 miles from University of Houston campus. Read on for the synopsis from Amazon and follow the author @keradke for more great books and @indiebloghop to find other books just for fun! And my blog at readsbystacie.com for reviews of everything I read and my review of Entangled Collateral!

Synopsis from Amazon:

It was supposed to be a simple photography gig. Brooke Hudson never wanted to be a pawn in an investigator’s scheme, or working with the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. Her daily life battles consist of finishing college, job hunting, and avoiding traffic. But her mundane routine was disrupted by the promise of a large amount of cash to help find a missing person, and take down a crooked CEO.

If Brooke had known exactly what she was getting into from the start, she might have had second thoughts. Her idea of fun isn’t trying to captivate men she has no interest in, or appealing to their every whim. And she never thought someone would deliberately try to kill her. All she wanted was a job, and in a fit of desperation, she’s gambling in a high stakes game with her life.

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