Snow Lane by Josie Angelini 

Thanks to @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Snow Lane by Josie Angelini. There is no way I can express the amount of feeling this book contains. It is a must own for every library everywhere and there are not enough stars in a rating system to tell you just how much I LOVED this book! In Snow Lane the narrator is Annie, an eleven year old girl that is the baby of 7 sisters and 1 brother. Her world has been upside down from the day she was born. Even on her worst days Annie can find a reason to smile. As she begins the 5th grade her teacher assigns them to think about their destiny. As 5th grade progresses Annie begins to realize life at 17 Snow Lane in 1985 is not normal. There is so much wrong that when Annie gets asked to her first school dance she panics and says no because she doesn’t want other people to know how not normal her family is. Until one spring day when her sister makes a choice that Annie can not begin to understand and will change the way Annie sees the world forever. I quickly felt connected to Annie and her story and could not put the book down until I knew what happened next. There are some very real life issues in this book and the way they are written about is so well placed and thought out that you can only want to help Annie succeed at life! There are not words to describe exactly how well written this book is, all I can say is grab this book and read it! Even as an adult you will appreciate the feelings that come alive when you read it.

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