Lie To Me by JT Ellison 

I checked out this book from the local library to participate in discussions with @saltwaterreads! I was so excited. I had read with them before and enjoyed it immensely so when I saw they chose this book to read I jumped at the chance! All opinions are my own.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Lie To Me by J T Ellison (@jt_thrillerchick) was an amazing read. Even at 400+ pages I was able to finish it in less than 2 days. Sutton and Ethan are the perfect power couple, the nice house, expensive cars, both writers and health nuts, until one day Sutton goes missing. He calls friends and family frantically searching but they all turn on him. As he searches to prove to everyone he is innocent he finds more and more things that a husband should just know about his wife. His writing career is in shambles. His world turned upside down. Then plot twist. And wait another and wait again! Then oh my gosh could that even be really happening? It is a definite twisted tale that you must read. Review posted on Instagram @jasonnstacie, Library Thing, and Goodreads/StacieBoren.

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