Ginny Moon By Benjamin Ludwig further review

After I posted it last night I realized I was still book drunk and didn’t really review the book much. So this morning I wrote a short review to correct that. I still have held back some detail so not to spoil the review for @diversebookclub discussions. I picked up this book from the local library to read for November’s pick of @diversebookclub. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig is amazing insight into children with autism. Their little minds just focus on one goal and no matter what else happens they must reach that goal even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Ginny’s goal…..protect her baby doll at all cost. Her journey takes twists and turns that make your heart sing and hurt at the same time. Her triggers were very noticeable to me, so I am wondering if everyone else saw them too? I kept thinking why aren’t her parents and teachers noticing this? But I am a nurse that worked daily side by side with these children so maybe I knew what to look for. Interested to see what others say.

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