Caleb and Kit by Beth Vrabel

I received this book through #kidlitexchange to read and give an honest review. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Caleb and Kit by Beth Vrabel is a wonderful story. Again as a nurse my heartstrings were pulled. (I think a few of them may have broken). Cystic Fibrosis explained only the way a sick child could explain them to a complete stranger. The struggles every tween feels between growing up and still wanting to be a child really shines in Caleb. Through Kit’s vivid imagination Caleb gets to live a fairytale while his annoying “too perfect brother”, Patrick, makes him feel bad everyday, an overprotective mom nags him about medications and treatments now has a new boyfriend, and a distant father and with new wife just doesn’t have time for him. Caleb soon realizes fairytales aren’t what they seem and sometimes as much as growing hurts, it helps heal. Caleb’s biggest secret is revealed only because his body couldn’t hold on through one more traumatic panic attack. The feelings that creep in while you read this one are very real. This isn’t just a middle grade book! While it is written so any child could understand, I truly feel everyone from middle grade to adults could benefit from this novel.

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