Digby of the Dinosaurs by Linda Yiannakis 

Thank you @lindayiannakis for sharing this middle grade read with #kidlitexchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Digby of the Dinosaurs by Linda Yiannakis is an elaborate tale of an boy and dinosaurs. Digby Darby lives in an orphanage and one day during nap time he runs away. Digby falls into a nest where in time he will meet a new family of dinosaurs. Digby learns the feeling of acceptance and must learn to adapt to different things than the animals. His struggle to survive among the others requires extra effort on his part to face fears. As a boy, he must learn to make big decisions that will forever change who he is. *************This middle grade book is definitely for the children on the older realm of middle grade. The vocabulary in some places uses a different language called Haanasasen. There is a Guide for the Haanansasen language and pronunciation of names at the back of the book that will be helpful for readers that struggle with these new concepts. The story will definitely teach what it feels like to be accepted by some and rejected by others and also will teach that choices we make may have consequences we did not expect. Review also posted on Instagram @jasonnstacie, Goodreads/StacieBoren, and Library Thing.

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